Access to the Arts Uplifts the Quality of the Healthcare Experience

The incorporation of the arts, including the visual arts and crafts, into healthcare settings is a growing trend backed by research that shows increased mental and social functioning, reduced stress, anxiety, depression and pain in patients who receive access to the arts.

Arts programs in hospitals and healthcare institutions serve multiple audiences; the use of the arts in healthcare benefits patients, families, visitors, caregivers and hospital staff alike. Incorporating the arts into a hospital or healthcare setting not only assists the healing of the patients, but also can soothe and relieve their families and caregivers’ stress.

The Society for the Arts in Healthcare ( applauds the positive effects of these programs. An example of these efforts can be found in the Dana Farber Creative Arts Program, a healing initiative from the world renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and recipient of the 2005-2006 Johnson & Johnson/Society for the Arts in Healthcare grant. The Dana Farber Creative Arts Program works to show patients how crafts, writing, poetry, dance/movement, drama and music can help comfort and heal them on their long journey of treatment. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is always on the cutting edge of healthcare, and their involvement in the arts in healthcare only boosts the work of others in this exciting and expanding field.

Another notable program for the arts in healthcare is also a Society member-Shands Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida. Shands Arts in Medicine program has a breadth of innovative techniques to incorporate the arts into the healing process. Through all artistic mediums, Shands sees the benefits of arts in healthcare. Specifically, the extensive programming in their visual arts department emphasizes not just traditional painting and drawing, but also works largely with crafts. Their innovations in the field have bolstered their status as an important member of the arts in healthcare community.

The Society for the Arts in Healthcare is a non-profit international membership organization located in Washington, DC. Founded in 1991, the Society for the Arts in Healthcare is dedicated to advancing arts as integral to healthcare by:

o Demonstrating the valuable roles the arts can play in enhancing the healing process;
o Advocating for the integration of the arts into the environment and delivery of care within healthcare facilities;
o Assisting in the professional development and management of arts programming for healthcare populations;
o Providing resources and education to healthcare and arts professionals; and
o Encouraging and supporting research and investigation into the beneficial effects of the arts in healthcare.

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All Business Facets Benefit From Healthcare Financial Management

With inflation taking a bite out of just about everyone’s budgets these days, from single people, to families, to business and government agencies alike, it has become evident that quality healthcare financial management is increasingly important. With so many troubles related to the economy nowadays, and the uncertainty and turmoil that is being experienced by so many, providing good financial management in the healthcare sector is of the utmost importance for all parties involved, from patients to providers to insurance companies.

These days there are a number of financial management services for healthcare that provide specific solutions and have been specially designed for the healthcare organizations and the medical professionals involved in providing care for their patients. While there are many money management software programs and many common needs in the healthcare industry, not all of these solutions are right for every healthcare provider and so it is essential to find the right match in order to gain the best benefits for the situation.

Many of the healthcare financial management companies that offer professional money management services for the healthcare field provide basic, stock solutions that cover the needs and demands of most healthcare groups. These basic managerial solutions more than often will provide all of the functionality that is needed for the majority of healthcare providers.

This is because, in general, there is a great deal of commonality in practices and procedures throughout the healthcare industry, from individual doctors, to clinics, to large hospitals. These operations run under very traditional and standard practices and typically enjoy being able to implement standard managerial solutions, which are very effective in the overall business financial management needs of the organization.

At the same time, as with all companies in the business world, there are those healthcare organizations that have unique and special needs, in terms of the cash management products and financial management solutions that they need. For these providers, there are many healthcare related financial management solutions that can be custom tailored to perfectly match the needs of the business and help the company to reach any unique business objectives that have been set up by the managerial side of the company.

Healthcare related financial management solutions are often able to provide the healthcare organizations with significant savings. There are many clients of some of the best systems available that claim that they were able to save 20% to 50% by using the right services.

The complete healthcare financial management classifications that are available today are fully capable of dealing with every facet of money management for a particular healthcare organization. Some of these functions include medical bill reviewing, medical audits, claims, collections and many other crucial functions that are all absolutely essential to operating a solvent healthcare concern in this day and age.

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